shinGETsu - P2P BBS

Introduction for shinGETsu

There are bulletin board system (a.k.a. BBS) in the web. shinGETsu is the software make BBS in your PC and make them be able to access it.

Traditional C/S BBS Interent Relay BBS

Rental BBS service has existes already. You can rent a server and install BBS tools. But they are limited for capacity, load or expression. You can install BBS tools your PC for capacity, load or expression. But you should run your PC for visiters always, and care for telephone wire load.

shinGETsu makes BBS synchronizing many PCs. The software runs in your PC, so you should not care for capacity, load or expression. Many PSs share BBS data using P2P technology, so the BBS is available when your PC is sleeping. The visiters disperse many PCs, so telephone wire load is lightened.

shinGETsu has strong points of home server and P2P.

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